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Jerish Balakrishnan

CEO of Hirehike, Inc.

Jerish Balakrishnan, born in 1997, is a distinguished Indian businessman, computer scientist, and the Founder and CEO of Hirehike, Inc.

Originating from a Tamil family of farmers in a village within the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, Jerish imbibed the values and traditions of his roots. He achieved academic excellence in 2018, securing a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering.

Jerish embarked on his professional voyage at eInfochips (an Arrow Company) based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Here, he excelled as a Physical Design Engineer and embraced the city's vibrant culture for two years.

A fervent coder, Jerish's passion for software development is palpable. His ingenious creation, the "Advanced Library Book Search System", is not just a software marvel but also a patented innovation in India.

Throughout his illustrious career, Jerish has collaborated with a broad spectrum of clients, from nascent startups to global Fortune 100 conglomerates. With a foot in two continents, he seamlessly divides his professional commitments between India and the USA.

His noteworthy contributions to the tech world earned him the prestigious Department of Science and Technology (DST) & Texas Instruments "India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2018". This accolade was a testament to his role in amalgamating the realms of Government, Industry, and Academia.

When not immersed in codes or corporate commitments, Jerish indulges in leisurely pursuits. He frequents YouTube, finds solace in the great outdoors, explores uncharted territories, and immerses himself in books that pique his curiosity.